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Nej Nug Peb Teb

Cwjmem Hmoob yog dab tsi?

Teb: Cwjmem Hmoob yog ntawv Phajhauj Hmoob txua ua "font" nkag rau Windows los siv ntaus ntawv Hmoob

Cwjmem Hmoob muaj pes tsawg hom?

Teb: Muaj yog Cwjmem Hmoob unicode thiab Cwjmem Hmoob standard:
*Cwjmem unicode tsuas yog tsim los siv rau Netscape saib  ntawv Cwjmem nyob Internet xwb.
*Cwjmem standard thiaj li yog siv ntaus tau ntawv thiab siv tau yooj yim.

Cwjmem Hmoob tus nqi yog li cas?

Teb: Tus Cwjmem unicode muab pub dawb xwb. Tab sis Cwjmem standard koj yuav tau them nyiaj yuav.

Cwjmem Hmoob ua hauj lwm li cas?

Teb: Thaum kaw rau computer lawm, ntaus ntawv li koj keev ntaus saum tus keyboard xwb.

Hmong Scrript Sofware pos  qhia Phajhauj  Hmoob los sis  muaj phau ntawv kawm Phajhauj Hmoob?

Teb: Tsis muaj tsev qhia thiab tsis muaj phau ntawv qhia.

  Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently Asked Questions that visitors usually had when visited this website.

What is Cwjmem Hmong font?

Answer- Cwjmem Hmong font is Windows base True Type font of Pahauh Hmong Alphabet for use with Windows applications such as Word, Excel, database and internet browsers.

How many types of Cwjmem Hmong fonts?

Answer- There are Cwjmem Hmog unicode and Cwjmem Hmong standard fonts:

* Cwjmem Hmong unicode font, is designed specifically for use with Internet browsers to view Cwjmem Hmong documents on the Internet.  With the Cwjmem Keyboard Manager, you will be able to use it with Mirosoft Word and other Windows applications.

* Cwjmem Hmong standard font, you can use it without Cwjmem Keyboard Manager.  It works well with most Windows programs that support True Type font.

How much is the cost of Cwjmem fonts?

Answer- FREE, You can  download the Cwjmem Hmong unicode font free from this website. 

For the Cwjmem Hmong standard font, you need to order by paying a small fee.

How Cwjmem Hmong fonts work?

Answer- After you installed Cwjmem Hmong fonts into your computer, you can just type Cwjmem Hmong characters directly from the keyboard. Using any of your favorite word processor and select Cwjmem Hmong fonts from the menu the same way as you normally do with other type of Windows fonts.

Does Hmong Script Software offer classes or books on Pahauh Hmong Alphabet?

Answer- No, Hmong Script Software does not teach Pahauh Hmong Alphabet nor have books on Pahauh Hmong Alphabet.

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