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 Cwjmem Fonts

Cwjmem is the True Type font name of  Pahauh Hmong, the original first true Hmong alphabet for use with Windows.  There are two types of Cwjmem Hmong fonts:

iblue Cwjmem Hmong unicode font, is designed specifically for use with Internet browsers to view Cwjmem Hmong documents on the Internet. Together with the Cwjmem Keyboard Manager, you will be able to use it with Microsoft word and other Windows applications. Cwjmem Hmong unicode font is free to download for your own use and may be freely copy if not modified.

igreenCwjmem Hmong standard font, you can use it without Cwjmem Keyboard Manager. It works well with most Windows programs that support True Type font. All characters are well designed on the keyboard for easy to remember, typing speed and mathematics calculation with spreadsheet. You may order Cwjmem Hmong standard font by paying a small fee.

If you have the new Cwjmem Hmong unicode font installed properly into your computer, you should be able to see the following Document 1 and Document 2 display in Cwjmem Hmong font texts. Those of you that have downloaded the earlier Cwjmem font will not work with these new documents. You need to download the new Cwjmem Hmong "Hmong Nets" to view these new documents.

Click to view Document 1
Click to view Document 2

The Cwjmem unicode font is available in Hmong Wameng typface only.

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