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Pahauh Alphabet

     Consonants cimvos
Numerals & Marks

Keyboard Layout

The Alphabet

Pahauh Hmong Alphabet writing system combined with vowels, consonants and symbols.  The vowel is the heart of the written syllable, with the tone written as diacritic on the vowel. The consonant is following the vowel as a satellite, a qualification of the vowel.  A single letter of vowel or consonant can also be written alone by itself as one word, see sample font display below as an example.

See Sample Texts>  fontdisplay01.jpg

Phajhauj Hmoob sau  ib lo lus twg yog muaj yub qauv nkaws, las qauv nkaws thiab cim.  Sau tus yub qauv nkaws tuaj ua ntej mam sau tus las qauv nkaws tuaj tom qab.  Muaj tej zaus, tib tug yub qauv kaws los sis las qauv nkaws xwb kuj sau hais tau ib los lus lawm thiab.

Download Cwjmem Font Keyboard Layout: cmkeyboard.pdf

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