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About Cwjmem

Cwjmem Hmong is a True Type font name of the first true Hmong alphabet Pahauh Hmong for use with Windows application programs.

This Home Page is to educate Hmong people of this generation and future generations that we did not have a universal writing system for a long time in our history, because there were controversies and restrictions over Hmong writing systems. Pahauh Hmong was invented for Hmong people and by a Hmong man name Shong Lue Yang for the first time in 1959. His name also known as Mother of Writing, he loved and had a deep concern for the plight of his people. He felt very strongly the importance of Hmong ethnicity, Hmong differences from other people. The creation of Pahauh Hmong was a major achievement in our history. We should be proud of him and his writing system, regardless of how you choose to write your language. Pahauh Hmong is still the first true Hmong alphabet.

Unfortunately, Hmong of this generation, probably less than 50% that can read and write Hmong of any system. It is very important that Hmong today and future generations must not forget their writing system. Remember that writing system is the national identity.

There are two types of Cwjmem Hmong fonts, Hmong-only fonts; and Hmong-English fonts (Unicode fonts).

    [  ] Hmong-English fonts (Unicode fonts) are designed specifically for use with Netscape or other web browsers to view Pahauh Hmong documents on the Internet only. You may not be able to use it without some kind of keyboard manager. Hmong-English font is free to download for your own use and may be freely copied if not modified.

    [  ] Hmong-only fonts are the standard fonts, you can use without keyboard manager. It works well with most Windows programs that support True Type fonts. All of the characters are well designed on the keyboard for easy to remember, typing speed, and do calculation with spreadsheets. You may order it by paying a small fee.
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